Who's inside your circuit board?

At Edwards Federal Credit Union we take great care to protect your personal information. We maintain a highly encrypted website and electronic files with firewalls and we never sell your name to list brokers or other organizations.

However, there are numerous attempts to defraud Credit Union members with "Phishing" scams that are usually initiated via email. These "Phishing" emails are sent to both the general public and to credit union members and may appear to be from NCUA (National Credit Union Association) or other legitimate Credit Union organizations. Sometimes these Phishing emails make marketing offers to you and then request that you click on a link to verify your subscription information. Should you decide to take advantage of the offer and click on the link, you will be directed to a false website where your Credit Union account number and personal identification number, (PIN) will be requested under false pretenses.

Edwards Federal Credit Union or any legitimate Credit Union organization will never ask you for any account information by way of an unsolicited email or telephone call. The only time Edwards FCU will ask you to verify your account information is when you initiate a transaction on your account. This verification will usually take place in one of our branches face to face with you, or by telephone if you are conducting a telephone transaction via Call - 24 or with one of our employees.

The only method, by which you should email your personal account information to us, is from the secure email site within Edwards Federal Credit Union's CLIC - Online internet banking site under the secure forms button. This site is secure and highly encrypted to protect the information you send.

Before you respond to an email requesting confidential account information, please call us (Edwards Federal Credit Union) immediately to verify the legitimacy of the source requesting the information. By calling one of the following numbers: 877- 256-3300 (Toll Free) or 661-952-5945. Edwards Federal Credit Union will assist you in changing the PIN for your account. We may also recommend other actions in order to protect your account.

This type of fraudulent scheme has a habit of reappearing in the same or similar fashion, so please always be on the alert and make sure to keep track of all transactions on your account by regularly checking your eStatements, your paper statement, viewing your account history in CLIC Online Banking, or by using the automated phone system, CALL-24. If in doubt call Edwards Federal Credit Union immediately at (661) 952-5945 or toll-free 877-256-3300.

For more information on how you can report this crime, go to and click on the drop down box until you find "Victim of computer crime."

Staying Safe When Using ATM and Visa Check Cards

Please make sure to keep track of all transactions on your account by checking your e-statement or your paper statement. You may also view your account history on CLIC Online Banking, or using the automated phone system, CALL-24. If you think you are a victim of fraud on your account, please contact the credit union directly and immediately by phone at (661) 952-5945 or toll-free (877) 256-3300.

Please be assured that Edwards Federal Credit Union has taken all necessary steps internally to protect its members and their information from fraud. However, the best way to prevent this type of fraud from happening is by being an alert consumer. Keep the following tips in mind when using your ATM or Visa Check Card at a point-of-sale:

  • Look carefully at the area where your card is inserted, if it looks like it might have been tampered with report it to the store's management.
  • Be careful when entering your PIN information; make sure that no one is standing directly over your shoulder.
  • Never write your PIN on your ATM or Visa Check Card.
  • Check your account statements regularly; report any unusual activity to your financial institution immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information that may appear on your Edwards Federal Credit Union account, please contact the credit union at (661) 952-5945 or toll-free (877) 256-3300.