Visa® Check Card FAQs

Q: I pushed the Credit button at the store and the amount of the purchase still came out of my checking account. Why didn't I get a VISA credit card bill for it?

A: All purchases made with your VISA Check Card, which looks like this:
will always be withdrawn from your Checking account. It's your VISA Checking Card.

or a VISA Platinum Credit Card that looks like this:

are charged to a VISA Credit Card account. To get a VISA Credit Card account, you must apply with a signed loan application. Loan applications can be obtained online at, through CALL-24 at (661) 952-5945 or toll free (877) 256-330 or by visiting a branch. If your credit history qualifies, you will be awarded a VISA Platinum card depending on your credit worthiness.

Q: What is the difference between "Credit" and "Debit"?

A: A "Credit" transaction may also be called "signature-based", because that is what you do, put your signature on the receipt. To get to this feature in some retail stores, you may need to slide your card and then hit the "Cancel" button in order to choose the "Credit" button. Cash-back is not available through a "Credit" transaction. Any charge made with this option could take up to three days to post to your checking account.

A "Debit" transaction may also be called "PIN-based", because that is what you do, put your PIN (Personal Identification Number) into the keypad. This is the feature that will automatically appear at most retail stores. If you are requiring cash-back, this is the option that you would select. Charges made with this option will post to your checking account instantly. Some merchants may charge an additional fee to make a "Debit" transaction.

Q: I received this card in the mail, but didn't ask for another VISA card.

A: All members with checking accounts will receive this card. This is not a VISA credit card; it is a VISA Check Card. The VISA Check Card allows you to perform transactions at ATM locations and at participating merchants. With this card, you can withdraw cash from your Edwards FCU accounts with no surcharge through any ATM that displays the Co-op logo. Additionally, you can use your VISA Check Card to make purchases at merchants that display the following logos: